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Grant Figley – A Spiritual Counselor

Grant has been a spiritual counselor for over 30 years and has an international client base. He is an analytical, psychologically-oriented psychic intuitive and energy healer who guides people with their spiritual development. Grant brings you awareness of the choices you face on your journey through life. He also shows you detrimental psychological patterns so you can alter or remove stressful life themes.


waves and beachGrant provides the guidance you need to know now. There is a fast flow of information in his readings —affirmations and confirmations of what you already know and things to come. The sessions are detailed and specific. They cover a broad spectrum of topics including life themes, timelines—past, present and future, the people in your life now and those who may appear in the future, as well as the many choices your life path presents.

You always have choices, even if you are unaware of them at the time. You have to assess the choices which are available and move on to whatever lies waiting along your path. There is a master plan—even though we only get fragments of the puzzle while we are in the body. The soul already knows what can transpire—as long as you keep on track and follow your designated soul map. That way, the events will fall naturally into place in accordance with the universal plan.

Meeting Life’s Challenges

Life always presents challenges; they are there to further your spiritual growth. The soul has chosen these challenges in order to learn valuable lessons. But unfortunately, people can get stuck in negative situations and relationships when they ignore higher guidance. Grant can help you gain awareness of needed changes. He helps people tap into their healing energy so they can clear unfulfilling emotional and psychological patterns. Otherwise, they stay with you and continue to influence the next phase of life.

You have the final say over many of the decisions affecting your life. We all have free will so the final decision is yours and yours alone. You determine which direction to take; you decide which choices to make. Fortunately, Grant can help with these all-important decisions. Then you can stay on your intended path and make the most of the opportunities which present themselves.


Soul energy links us to all humanity, as well as to the countless dimensions beyond our physical plane. When you connect to the soul, you begin to awaken to the myriad energy dimensions which surround each one of us. You also gain a new-found appreciation for the wondrous gift of life. As your consciousness shifts, you become more aware of the graceful flow of events which are unfolding around you. This helps you make good choices and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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