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soulwave by Grant Figley

Soul wave is the energy field and intelligence of our soul which is meant to guide us through life so we can fulfill our life’s journey and remain on our intended path. This book provides spiritual understanding and life guidance, as well as insights about the soul and soul groups. It also examines the effects of the current massive energy shift affecting all life on the planet.

Soul Wave helps you:

  • follow your personal soul map and path so you can advance spiritually
  • lead a better life by strengthening your connection to the soul and its deep inner wisdom
  • learn about the soul, soul clusters and spirit guides

Soul Wave explores:

  • the Other Side, Soul Dimension and higher dimensions
  • using intuition, synchronicities and psychic occurrences to identify your soul plan
  • life lessons, themes and personal cycles, including indications of cycle change
  • free will versus fate
  • crossing over, the life review and reconnecting to loved ones on Earth
  • soul groups and their ongoing role in the spiritual and intellectual evolution of mankind and transformation of human consciousness
  • energy transmission from Soul Dimension, including the seeding of ideas
  • Earth’s present and future
  • good and evil on Earth and the Other Side


The energy frequency or pulse of the soul is the soul wave we all emit. Soul wave energy links us to humanity, as well as to the countless dimensions beyond our physical plane.

We are at a pivotal turning point in the further awakening of human consciousness which will take the human soul to new levels of awareness. It’s a renaissance, a re-creation of mankind. The entire shift could take several hundred years to complete, but we are in the midst of one of the most significant periods to occur during that time frame. It continues into the early to mid-2020s. Things will not be the same as they are now after that point. Try not to get caught up in the fears of the collective unconscious during the monumental changes because there is much good in the transformation.

Mankind has been experiencing a shift in consciousness for some time. We observe it in the many changes occurring on the planet. Its speed and intensity have become increasingly apparent. The cycle of change is accelerating—in everything we are experiencing. Spiritually and intuitively, people are evolving rapidly.

It is a time to tune into yourself and follow your soul path. When you connect to the soul, you begin to awaken to the myriad energy dimensions which surround each of us. You also gain a new-found appreciation for the wondrous gift of life. As your consciousness shifts, you become more aware of the flow of events unfolding around you. This helps you make good choices and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.



1: The Soul and Afterlife   1

2: The Soul Plan, Personal Cycles and Themes   32

3:  Choice and Fate   65

4:  Psychic Events: Unlocking the Cosmic Plan   77

5:  Soul Guidance and Disconnecting from the Soul Cluster   84

6:  Staying on Your Path   97

7:  Relationships, Change and Choice   115

8:  The Soul Connection, Inner Peace and Life Purpose   124

9:  Man’s Search for Meaning   138

10:  Crossing Over   159

11:  Higher Energies and Psychic Phenomena   183

12:  Earthly Achievement and Soul Energy   192

13:  Good and Evil in Souls and on Earth   197

14:  Soul Development and Human Evolution   209

15:  Two Possible Futures for the Planet   215

16:  Earth’s Future   231

Epilogue   266

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