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Energy Work

Forms of Healing and Energy Work

Grant has studied many forms of healing and energy work over his lifetime including Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, NLP, hypnosis, sound frequencies and Pranic Energy. All energy modalities work with transformational frequencies. They help us heal and transform—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics uses the principles of Quantum Physics. It manipulates energies and information to restore harmony and balance to the client. This stimulates transformation inside and outside the body.


Prana is the life-force. Pranic energy works with the body’s auric field and chakras. It draws on higher energies to release cords of attachment and lower energies imprinted within your auric field. Pranic energy work transforms and harmonizes your energy. This can bring balance—which is often experienced as grounding and relief.

Sound Frequencies

Sound frequencies produce wave-lengths which stimulate our brainwaves—just as music can shift our moods. Pure sounds put the brain into a meditative state—allowing energy work to integrate into your deeper soul levels. With his musical background, Grant is quite at home with sound healing.

Energy Modalities

Grant is an inspirational teacher and healer who integrates energy modalities. He combines them in his own unique and effective way. Relevant information and guidance are channeled from your soul group so that what needs to be worked on gets addressed.  Because Grant is a gifted clairvoyant he gets psychic impressions and additional insights as he engages in energy work. He sees the source of the energy imbalance or time period when it arose.

We only use 10% of our conscious awareness. One way to tap into the other 90% is through energy work.
Energy work involves dealing with frequencies and shifting them to release imprints from situations and events. It can unlock unproductive behavioral patterns and cords of attachment to people, places and situations. The intent is to readjust and release unneeded and unwanted frequencies within and around a person, as well as unauthorized energies having a negative impact on your functioning. As a result, energy work stimulates healing. The subtle effects of energy manipulation integrate over a period of time, although they are often felt immediately.

Each of us is a light-body—i.e. patterns of energy connected to a Higher Source. With energy work we tap into this Higher Source. Your soul group works with you to help shift unproductive behavioral patterns. Energy work accelerates the process. When the mind releases subconscious and unconscious energies you have new realizations and can more easily work through long-standing patterns. Clearing them brings more balanced mental functioning.

Energy work changes your perception and awareness—allowing you to let go of patterns stored within the core self which are no longer serving you or are detrimental to your quality of life. That helps you become more focused and grounded. People feel clearer after sessions and more at peace.

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