Intuitive Counselor and Energy Worker
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Sessions & Bookings

Grant is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Phone (403) 210-0295 for bookings.

All sessions are in Canadian funds. All taxes are included in the price.


  • $120 for one hour
  • $70 for a half hour

There is a $5 charge for credit card processing.

Sessions are prepaid by Visa, Mastercard or email transfer. Payment must be received within 24 hours. There are no refunds. If the booking is missed, one rebooking is allowed without charge—as long as you call back to arrange it within one week of the original date.

Sessions are recorded and sent to your email to download and save.

All session information is confidential.

Grant does not keep credit card data. The information is deleted once the transaction has gone through.

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Call: 403-210-0295