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Session Information

Grant can help you determine a direction to take or confirm things you already sense or know about. A session with him can provide reassurance and allow you to release long-standing fears or worries.

A session provides a broad spectrum of information to reflect upon. That makes it easier for you to access your own deep inner wisdom so you gain clarity about your life journey. The guidance brings insights about the path you are on by providing information about people, events, places or situations you may not have realized before. Places and locations all hold energy, as do the many people we encounter. A reading can offer you deeper understanding of what these varying energies mean to you. In short, it can expand your view of life and the lives of people around you. You should come away from a session with a broader view of your choices and options.

Grant has a very strong psychic energy. He receives the information guided to him in a fast flow. He usually likes to go on a roll and let the insights flow quickly to you. If you have specific questions you wish to focus on, either tell him beforehand or wait until he has finished what he has to say. Of course, you don’t have to provide questions for him to focus on; it is totally your choice. It’s often best to just let the information flow. Then if your questions have not been answered, ask what you still need to know.

Grant doesn’t require a lot of information to start the session. He likes to know your full birthday—month, day and year—as well as the birth information of anyone you wish to ask about. (If you don’t know, that’s fine). He may ask for the first name of your partner, children or other individuals you are interested in knowing more about. It isn’t the numerology or astrology of a birthdate which Grant tunes into. Instead, he picks up a faster flow of information and myriad insights from the timelines associated with the date of birth. First names trigger the same sort of rapid flow.

Every psychic has his own way of bringing information forward. It doesn’t matter whether he is a medium or uses card decks, numerology, psychometry or the many other forms of divination as long as you receive valid information which is helpful to you.

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